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Sometimes all we need in life is the opportunity to plunge into our own story. The ability to tell our own stories. The freedom to create our own stories. And sometimes we still have the hope and trust, that all our experiences and the stories that we create now will be told to the next generation in the future. We, especially us bloggers, se ourselves as storytellers. We hope to be able to make a movement and to inspire others by our own collection of stories. While not forgetting to be ourselves. At least we are trying.




1001 nights. Classic world literature and a collection of various authors. I feel like each and everyone is currently trying to tell a story. The beautiful thing about it? I also noticed that all our stories are currently merging into one. Several authors. Different experiences. Similar goals but still in a different way. Especially when it comes to bloggers here in Vienna. I experienced the support of a lot of bloggers. This shoot is just an example of many little things and also huge favors that I am really thankful for. But let me go on to keep to the point.




There was once a girl living in Vienna. Following her dreams she moved to London and became a great designer. She used her freedom and creativity to create her unique but still timeless pieces. Her story and her vision finally became something tangible. Something big. Inspired by the stories of 1001 Nights the beautiful HEMERA PONCHO BAG that I am wearing was created by DELA EVA. 

“The vibrant colours of the poncho let’s you drift away and stimulate all your senses. You could be exploring one of many great places in the Far East such as the amazing Bazaar of Istanbul or the wonderful streets of Morocco enjoying the vibe of the orient.”

And yes. It truly let’s me drift away. DELA EVA created something that I can use to tell my own every day stories now. Something that I can use to be part of a new and maybe completely different version of 1001 nights that we all want to create. Only by wearing the HEMERA PONCHO BAG I feel like I have so much freedom. The poncho with its beautiful vibrant colors makes it possible to wear the bag in so many different ways that you maybe haven’t seen on their website yet. Ways of wearing it that you haven’t consider yet. DELA EVA created this bag that let’s me decide how to wear it and how to make it my own. It gives me the opportunity to tell my story. One day I wear the bag as a cross body bag, so I feel like a goddess. Just want the designer wanted it to be. The other day I feel more like a rock star and just throw it over my shoulder. Sometimes my inner busy (or lazy) lady comes out and I don’t mange to do more than just to wrap the poncho into something knot-like when I’m on the go.  But each and every way to wear this bag lets me tell a story of mine. It allows me express how I feel.



Sometimes I feel like people forget that fashion is also a reflection of personality. Sometimes people forget that we like to experiment. We don’t dress up to be someone else, but we dress to express our feelings. And if I feel like mixing up patterns and colors like I did on this day, then yes: It is kind of an expression of the satisfaction that I experience in life right now. If this is not the most unique combination of a dress that you have seen: Then yes. This should tell that I am currently happy and satisfied in life but still have too much to do that my outfit combinations also have to be easy and comfortable. But still, I feel that the HEMERA 1001 nights bag did it’s job by upgrading this cute dress that I just got from the KENZOxHM collection. Thank you DELA EVA for letting me tell my own story with your design.


wearing// dress KENZOxHM collection bag DELA ÉVA shoes MANGO (old) similar HERE

photos: Andreea Cebuc

Thanks for that fun day Deea & Laura (follow these lovely & stylish girls IG: @lesfactoryfemmes)

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